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Welcome to our always learning, sometimes loud, usually messy,
 happy classroom!

Kindergarteners continue to develop wide range of skills throughout the year. We focus on spiritual, physical, social, emotional, language and literacy, and thinking skills. We have a LOT of fun in the process. 

We memorize pledges, verses, and even chapters of the bible. We must learn where everything is in our new environment too. We work at a developmentally appropriate level and pace to strengthen our large muscles and fine motor skills in Physical Development.

Students are supported as they continue learning how to get along with others, work in small groups, make and keep friends, and resolve disagreements. This involves teaching kindness and compassion as well as self-regulation.

Language and literacy development is a huge part of Kindergarten and we work daily to build these skills. Not only reading and writing, but also listening and talking are encouraged.

Numbers, shapes, and colors are all part of our day and are integrated into different parts of the curriculum.

Our thinking and cognitive skills are used and developed as we observe and create in science and art.

Our class will hopefully get to go on some field trips this year. Some possibilities are the pumpkin patch, the alpaca farm, and the apple farm. MANY possibilities are just waiting to be explored.

We do everything with a purpose. It may look like paint and dirt, but it is so much more!

- Mrs. Strauser

Kindergarten Teacher

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